Asa Beckstead

Executive Director of Technology Services

As Director of Engineering and Technology for Centeva, Mr. Beckstead is responsible for providing corporate-wide technology and sales support for all areas of Centeva. He is a full-stack system architect with more than 15 years of experience engineering solutions for government and industry.  Utilizing many different programming technologies, languages, and paradigms, Asa has demonstrated his ability to guide Agile teams in the delivery of robust and cost-effective solutions.  His experience implementing software using a wide variety of technologies and methods, powers his ability to create innovative solutions that harmonize proven traditional processes with new technologies and methods.

Asa is a magna cum laude graduate of Southern Utah University with a B.S. in Computer Science.  Both before and after his graduation, Asa worked with Leavitt Group Enterprises where he led several development efforts, designed to save the company both time and money.  He left the Leavitt Group in 2014 to join Centeva where he guides and architects the most demanding technology solutions for our government clients.