About Centeva

A woman and minority owned small business, Centeva was born out of a need to provide service-centric acquisition systems support and training within Federal Government contracting offices. Since the first contract award to our CEO Jan Quan-Esplin, wherein we provided an agency with an elevated level of support and service, we have increased both our footprint, and our offerings, based on a foundation of customer excellence through service excellence.

Centeva’s historical-and-still-core capability of professional servicing and PMO support has grown to also include superior technical capabilities, product development, and system transformation. From software engineering to data administration, through broad program management support, Federal agencies of today turn to Centeva to help modernize their processes and systems through our innovative solutions.

From Jan’s first contract to the robust organization that we are today, Centeva continues to service and support numerous agencies across the country via a talented and diverse nationwide staff, and through strategically-located offices in both the heart of silicon slopes, South Jordan and Logan, Utah, and the heart of the Federal Government milieu in Rockville, Maryland. With our customer-centric focus, coupled with an elevated vision informed by technological and philosophical advances, Centeva is poised to help your organization reach mission-critical objectives with success.


Scaled Agile Frameworks (SAFe)

The Scaled Agile Framework applies the power of Agile, along with the contemporary knowledge found in systems thinking and Lean product development to help organizations address the significant challenges of developing and delivering enterprise-class technology-based solutions with high quality and fast delivery into production.

Transitioning to Lean-Agile practices is especially challenging in the government context, but issues of legacy governance, contracting, and organizational barriers can be overcome with the right information and strategies. Centeva is prepared to support your organization in this transition. We understand what your organization needs to do to be successful, and we have certified SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs) on staff. If your organization has already made this transition, then Centeva's project teams are organized to fit right into your SAFe portfolio.

Certified SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs) are change agents who combine their technical knowledge of SAFe with an intrinsic motivation to improve the company's software and systems development processes. They play a critical role in successfully implementing SAFe. SPCs come from numerous internal or external roles, including business and technology leaders, portfolio/program/project managers, process leads, architects, analysts, and consultants.

Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

The scrum master is responsible for ensuring a true scrum process over the course of a project. They hold together the scrum framework, facilitating the process for the organization, product owner, and scrum team. Professionals who have earned the CSM have a deep understanding of all the scrum team roles, events, and artifacts and are prepared to lead a team in its implementation of Lean/Agile practices.