Software System Integration

Centeva’s interactive approach provides positive business impact, and creates a path for System Integration made easy.

When your working data is out of date, difficult to access, or laborious to work with, both budgets and productivity within your organization are negatively impacted. Centeva delivers the capability for your software systems to effectively communicate with one another through a careful configuration of plugins or custom development, alleviating tedious processes, saving your team time and effort, and streamlining your information flow.

Organization Obstacle

System failures arise when a lack of expertise in business process and in user adoption process drive system integrations. Data and system integrations are both complex and timely, and need true strategic insight driving it, or methods will fail. When personnel take on the complex task of building a data integration system without a thorough, dedicated strategy for both the build and the deployment, an underestimation of time and resources can occur, as well as a lack of employee and user adoption.

Centeva Solution

Centeva’s system integration process improves productivity by creating a solution that is simple to use and integrate; it saves your staff time, and is flexible enough to evolve and grow as your business does. With security best-practices in mind, we combine multiple integration methods across your systems to create expansive solutions, processes automation, and improved and streamlined workflows to build bridges between your people, your processes, and your programs. Whether you need a simple import/export solution, or a full API platform, our team of experts will improve your systems, while maximizing the capabilities of your business, maximining your organization’s value.

Get the most out of your systems with Centeva's proven system integration approach:

• Vision and Process Design • Best Tools and Technical Design • Integration Build • QA and Testing • System Deployment • End User Community Training and Adoption • Ongoing Support & Maintanence