Software System Administration

Centeva provides tailored Software System Administration for cutting edge and legacy systems.

Through our experience in building, implementing, and administrating software solutions for a variety of purposes, we have a broad knowledge of how to administer common software systems and we are adept at quickly understanding lesser known systems. Our wide network of partners provides us access to the top experts when we need access to the hard to find consultants with deep knowledge of obscure and legacy systems.

Organization Obstacle

Newly implemented systems can have steep learning curves for administrators to understand feature and security controls. Legacy systems can also provide system administration challenges due to a shrinking body of experts familiar with obsolete technologies. This can result in users not being able to complete tasks or not being able to access the system at all.

Centeva Solution

Centeva's team of technical solutions architects are skilled and experienced in the successful administration of software systems with the goal of always providing a configuration that delivers the greatest benefits to and from your system.

Centva's System Administration expertise includes:

Security – Configuration of authentication, authorization, and adherence to organizational security policies like password complexity and single sign on. Site Reliability – Monitoring of system to ensure minimal outages and optimal performance. Workflow – Configuration of features that provide functionality that your organization needs to get things done, and removal of distracting features that are unwanted and only serve to confuse users. Business Rules – Enforcement of policies that prevent users from performing actions out of order, with missing data, or incorrectly formatted data.