P3: Project, Program, and Portfolio Management

Centeva's powerful and proprietary P3 Methodology® offers unparalleled professional and technical solutions to our partners.

As an acquisition-centric technology and professional services firm with a history of success in delivering and deploying strategic initiatives coupled with technological innovation, Centeva's Program, Portfolio, and Project Management expertise will provide industry-leading governance to your organization. Whether your organization is in need of dedicated expertise in Program Management to innovate current systems and procedures, Portfolio Management to analyze project objectives and allocate data while mitigating risks, or Project Management to deploy skilled tactics to lead your team and projects toward greater outcomes, Centeva has the acumen, the personnel, and the passion to provide dynamic strategies that will bring lasting value to your agency.

Organization Obstacle

Every program and project is unique, with multiple varied operational outliers and requirements, all leading to many potential outcomes. Projects can easily be derailed by actions and decisions that cause fallout across the team and the project lifecycle. From lack of transparency to scope creep, inconsistent processes to poorly managed and allocated resources, project failure can be detrimental to an organization.

Centeva Solution

From initiation and planning, to execution, monitoring, and closeout, Centeva’s team of P3 management experts innately understand the nuances and intricacies of each step of the project management lifecyle, and how best to utilize these insights to deploy a tailored approach for best project outcomes. Centeva's goal is not only to deliver a project on time and on budget, but to also deliver a solution that will effect positive change for your organization. We strive to ensure efficient and and best value of resources, mitigation of project risks, and the advancement of strategic outcomes for our clients. Centeva's history of deliverying successful projects to government agencies is due, in part, to our tailored P3 Management approach. We achieve success by pairing a simple yet effective development methodology, SAFe Agile, with custom project management designed entirely around providing our customers with seamless access and influence on a project’s process. Our expert PM guidance strategy starts with a clearly defined Scope of Work, and continues through communicative, documented reporting and analysis, with a comprehensive post-activity follow up. Through this customized, detailed process and strategic partnership, we are able to deliver lasting assurance, improvement and impact for our clients.

Expert PM guidance through initiation, planning, execution and closeout:

• Clearly Defined Scope of Work • Documented Processes Throughout Each Phase • Informed Resource Allocation & Scheduling • Strategic Communications & Reporting • Risk Mitigation and Quality Assurance • Confident Execution of Activities • Post-Activity Follow Up

P3 Software

Initiate, manage, monitor, and audit your agency’s Program Management lifecycle with GovAP.