Organizational Realignment

Centeva's strategic organizational realignment process supports not just the needs of your organization today, but also the fulfillment of your long-term purpose.

Strategically aligned enterprises are possible through meaningful and effectual implementation of organizational resources, including people, structures, cultures, and work processes. A new realignment can be as small as rearranging a few positions and responsibilities, or can be a major repositioning of large divisions, along with changes to their operating units, processes and position responsibilities. With any organizational realignment or restructuring comes the challenge of implementation. Centeva recognizes that risks must be identified early on, and details must be managed effectively ongoing to ensure that your organizational realignment is not only strategic, but that is also accepted and endorsed by your personnel.

Organization Obstacle

A key goal of organizational alignment is the realization of the ability to see individual workers are performing at their full potential, as an individual and as a member of the organization at large. Change, sometimes even minor organizational change, can create uncertainty about the future, and causes fears about a job loss or the ability to succeed in doing something new. During a realignment, it is imperative to have a communicative partner who will not only monitor employee morale, interactions, comments and complaints, but who will listen to staff and create a collaborative strategy that will drive confidence and assurance.

Centeva Solution

With years of experience in organizational realignment, Centeva has developed a successful process of activities designed to mitigate risks, reduce negative impacts, and drive organizational acceptance and adoption. The Centeva organizational realignment process ensures that your agency's vision for the future is properly aligned with leadership goals, departemtents, culture, and staff members. We strategically arrange key touchpoints to best solve for both issues of today, and of your long-term goals.

Expert guidance for critical realignment activities:

• Conduct Research & Data Analysis • Develop a Vision For Change • Communicate the Vision • Remove Obstacles • Build on the Change • Solidify Change into Company Culture