Operations and Maintenance

Centeva considers system sustainment, maintenance, and support to be critical to the assurance that your implemented solution adapts with evolving requirements and modern technologies.

During the Operations and Maintenance phase, Centeva will ensure that the system is highly available and responsive. We use a DevOps strategy that eliminates inefficient miscommunications between IT administrators and developers by transferring accountability for configuration and deployment operations to the development team. This results in automation of steps that would otherwise be manually performed and susceptible to human error, and it removes a significant burden from your IT administration group.

Organization Obstacle

Implementing new systems is a significant effort for any size of organization. It the best cases, the new system delivers on its promise to modernize technologies and solve challenges that the previous system lacked the ability to address. Once the project enters the O&M phase, unless you have the right sustainment partner, the new system begins its slow but inevitable deterioration into a difficult to manage legacy system that eventually must be replaced all over again. It could last five years or 20 years, but it will become outdated and the arduous and expensive process of replacement, migration, and decommissioning will have to be repeated.

Centeva Solution

Centeva believes that sustainability involves more than just keeping an aging system alive. Our team will continue to assess the effectiveness of the implemented solution and provide additional development and configuration to eliminate undesirable system behaviors and to provide needed enhancements. When maintaining custom solutions that provide us access to the full codebase, we take an aggressive approach to O&M by ensuring that the systems we maintain evolve with modern technology and avoid the fate of most systems becoming “legacy” technologies that become outdated and need replacing. Through continued iterative sustainment efforts your systems can evolve with the times, and the expensive complexity of completely replacing the system can be avoided. The only legacy will be your decision that saved your organization significant cost over time by choosing the right system sustainment partner. Centeva delivers world class system maintenance and sustainment services through our five core O&M values: Corrective - respond to reported defects or performance issues and resolve them Preventive - proactively look for and suggest enhancements to the system to ensure the system is effective, reliable, and secure Adaptive - respond to new requirements from the Product Owner and implement changes to enhance the system Innovative - ensure that the PRS infrastructure remains on the forefront of proven, high-end technology Transparency- report all outages or defects to the Product Owner within 24 hours