Data Management

Centeva's team of data experts are primed to resolve even the most challenging data management needs.

More than ever before, organizations are making use of disparate sources of information to make data driven decisions and gain deep insights into behaviors, trends, and anomalies. This allows them to respond to their rapidly changing concerns correctly and quickly.

Organization Obstacle

Ensuring the data that they depend on is available, immediate, accurate, aggregated, and secured is critical to serving organizational goals, but it presents several challenges. The complexity of these challenges increases exponentially with the age of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IOT). The rate at which the world is collecting data is growing faster than you might imagine. 90% of the world's data was produced in the last two years. By 2025, it's estimated that 463 exabytes of data (more than 200 billion DVDs worth of information) will be generated every day. Dealing with the volume, variety, velocity, and veracity of data in this magnitude is an extraordinary challenge for even the most technically savvy organizations.

Centeva Solution

Fortunately, the data your agency needs to utilize is only a fraction of the world's cumulative data, but there is no way to avoid the fact that your data management challenges are big, and they will become massive very soon. Maximizing and leveraging the data at your disposal requires data science expertise to keep you at the forefront of strategies, processes, technologies that will transform your biggest challenge into your greatest asset. Centeva is the ideal partner to help you to unlock the potential for what your data could deliver by enabling you to discover the insights in your data that you didn't even know to look for. From organization to architecture to optimization, Centeva will deliver the ideal solution and processes to best meet your agency’s goals.

Centeva will secure, manage, optimize, improve your data to drive your business forward: 

• Data Cleansing • Data Migration • Data Exchanges • Data Warehousing • Data Analytics and Reporting (Business Intelligence Services) • Data Architecture • Database Performance Tuning • Database Administration • Master Data Management