Centeva deploys a full-spectrum information security approach to everything we do

Cybersecurity risks continue to grow due to global connectivity, increased distribution of employees, and ineffective data protection strategies.  Cybercriminals are using increasinglysophisticated tactics to defeat traditional cyber defenses, leaving systems and sensitive information vulnerable.  Centeva brings a proven and trusted security approach to all aspects of a program’s lifecycle, starting with kickoff, to help ensure that your data and systems are always protected.

Organization Obstacle

Information Security for Federal and commercial customers is a critical function with numerous technical challenges and organizational obstacles.  Many organizations employ a just-in-timestrategy to security, or worse yet, they take a reactive approach to incidents and attacks.  Malware, password attacks, phishing, and SQL injection attacks can cripple the data and systems of unprepared organizations at any time. Security doctrine and guidance can be confusing, resulting in organizations enabling insufficient information security protection measures. Improperly architected security measures can negatively impact system performance and access, resulting in unfavorable outcomes for authorized system users. Inability toeffectively plan and execute ATO and certification activities can result in operational delays that affect the ability to provide value to users, or to sunset a legacy system.  

Centeva Solution – Security by Design

Centeva’s full-spectrum information security approach architects security measures into every aspect of a program, leveraging decades of experience with the Federal government’s mission critical systems.  We bring an information security strategy to contract kickoff to get an early start on security measures, authorizations, and certifications. We utilize DevSecOps to develop high quality products without security compliance issues and we ensure that performance is met with security measures enabled.  We develop applications capable of operating in a modern Zero-Trust environment, so that systems are protected at the individual user level, as well as at the perimeter.

Improve your program’s security outcomes with Centeva’s full-spectrum approach:

• Zero Trust • Identity and Access Management • ATO & Certifications • Governance, Risk, and Compliance • Security Architecture • Threat and Vulnerability Management • Incident Management • Contingency Planning