Custom Software Development

Centeva brings your business system vision to life through Agile, tailored software development.

Custom software streamlines and highlights your organization’s capabilities, while increasing productivity, efficiency, and scalability. Centeva’s dynamic software development team builds custom-fit solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Using Agile practices of deploying and demoing progress at regular intervals, we ensure that frequent feedback from users and stakeholders is captured and applied, that pain points are addressed quickly, and that the best possible solution is delivered. Centeva’s mission in building software for our customers is to simplify, automate, and increase the effectiveness of human processes. Our unique, rapid, and agile development process allows us to create high-quality systems quickly, saving our clients valuable time and money. Our development team is able to leverage years of experience in building custom software to provide innovative solutions to the most challenging business and technology issues.

Organization Obstacle

Many companies build software systems by trying to force organizations into prepackaged programs or preconceived notions, often utilizing Business Process Managmeent (BPM) platforms that include form designers and business rule configuration. The reality of these platforms is that the complexity and specialized consultants required to configure a solution are surprisingly expensive and take far longer than expected to deliver. The results of these implementations are awkward and inefficient features that frustrate users, costly training efforts due to unintuitive user experience, and a significantly increased likelihood of failed user adoption - classic causes of software project failures. Rather than taking a deep dive into the needs of an organization, a “one-size-fits-all” mentality can plague a technology project, and lacks the tailored, collaborative approach necessary for true success.

Centeva Solution

Our software development process revolves around your vision of how your agency should best function, and how your teams can best leverage technology to reach their goals. By striving to understand the complexities of each unique process involved, we consult on how software technologies can help, and implement solutions that advance you towards your vision. Team Centeva listens with thoughtful empathy, ideates with innovative intention, and designs and develops with collaborative confidence. We will work together with you to ensure that your mission-critical technology outcomes are fully realized.

Accomplish your vision of custom software development with a trusted, collaborative partner:

• Collaborative Vision to Reality Planning • Ideation and Iteration of Requirements • User Experience Research and Implementation • Design, Development, Testing, and Reporting • End-UserTraining and Adoption • Ongoing Support & Product Evolution