Centeva’s approach to AI/ML focuses on features and usability that drive user adoption.  

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning bring near limitless possibilities for automation and improvements to system workflows, but only when applied with the end user in mind.  Centeva’sapproach to AI and ML provides tools that augment customer experience, helping to ensure that your system is accepted and adopted by the user community.  

Organization Obstacle

AI and ML algorithms can pre-process data, identify and classify objects, analyze sentiment, enable chatbots, and provide recommendations.  The technical prowess of these capabilities is often overshadowed by pervasive issues such as trust and usability.  Users, or the “human in the loop” may not be privy to how the models predicted or determined a system output.  Savvy domain users may be especially skeptical of a machine “replacing”, rather than “augmenting” components of human analysis.  Human factors engineering is a critical component of user adoption but is often de-emphasized or ignored entirely in AI/ML work.  These obstacles detract from the ability of AI/ML to be useful and viewed positively by the end customer.  

Centeva Solution

Centeva extends its Customer Excellence and decades of experience with HFE to AI/ML augmented systems.  Centeva utilizes a design-first principle that pairs our trained system designers with customer stakeholders, and Mission Engineers, or subject matter experts in the domain space.  We ensure that systems and workflows utilizing AI/ML are not just well designed, but that they operate in a way that high volume users would want it to.  Our AI/ML algorithms function in machine-augmented workflows that empower, rather than replace the user.  Our AI/ML experts utilize industry accepted algorithms, tools, and approaches to provide transparency into the generation and tuning of any AI/ML component of a workflow and clearly explain how outputs were achieved.  We employ no-code/low-code solutions where possible to further increase transparency for the end user.

Improve user adoption and the effectiveness of your workflows with Centeva’s AI/ML expertise:

• Machine Learning • Deep Learning • Neural Networks • Cognitive Computing • Natural Language Processing • Speech • Computer Vision