Agile Development for Government Contracts

January 22, 2021

Computer Systems Tailored For Human Systems

Agile software development for the government has historically had its challenges—but when you come from Utah, the birthplace of Agile, you can innovate and adapt the methodology to best fit in the government landscape. Enter CentevaAgile, an agile development methodology to specifically address the risks and complex environments that challenge “typical” agile development projects.

Our unique approach was developed from the ground up to eliminate risk, minimize cost, and maximize impact for your agency. CentevaAgile demands significant research at the project start—giving us detailed understanding of government requirements and procedures as well as user needs, preferences, and goals.

Centeva combines this with our agile, user-centered development practices, that deliver functioning software to you every two weeks, this fosters user adoption before implementation and lowers cost by identifying and eliminating problems before they become expensive fixes later in development.