Glenn ThimmesTechnology Director

With 20 years of experience in developing successful software technologies for private industry and government institutions, Glenn Thimmes brings a wealth of experience to the Centeva technology team. Glenn is responsible for establishing and refining our software architectures, development processes, best practices, growing and grooming our development teams, and ensuring that our solutions truly meet the needs of our customers. Glenn’s obsession with quality, Agile processes, and software craftsmanship is evidenced in the teams that he has created and the community groups he has helped launch over the years.

Throughout his career, Glenn has led the development of software projects in a wide range of applications, including scientific instrumentation, real-time sports systems and video, animation editing suites, enterprise data integration, and line of business applications for local, state, and federal governments. Glenn began his technology career at Trans-Lux, where he created a variety of tools for displaying sports statistics and video on LED screens for sports arenas. He then joined Microsoft in order to provide consulting for developers during the initial release of the .Net Framework in 2001. He eventually left Microsoft to join a small startup, New Dawn, to build its flagship product. Over the 12 years that followed, he led and grew the software development team to support a software ecosystem that found its way into more than 300 government agencies worldwide. After New Dawn was acquired in an all cash buy out, Glenn joined the Centeva team to help lead its quickly growing development team.

Glenn has a BS in Computer Science with an emphasis on Information Systems.