Enterprise Service Bus Data Management and Systems Integration Solutions

One of the best things an organization can do for itself is to prioritize clean and accessible data. The CentevaESB provides a cornerstone to implementing an organization-wide Master Data Management (MDM) system that gives you immediate access to accurate and reliable data.

The CentevaESB allows organizations to use their current systems but have them populated with all the correct, master data. It allows seemingly incompatible business systems to share data by providing a message hub, or “bus,” through which systems can distribute and retrieve data.

Once implemented, the CentevaESB functions automatically behind the scenes, making it invisible to the average user. Additionally, the CentevaESB can provide data in near real-time, enabling you to make decisions based on the most up-to-date and reliable data possible.

Benefits of choosing the CentevaESB include:


Load your document once, and share it with the roles you choose, update it in one location, and distribute changes to multiple sites in a single step. You can even create custom fields for more meaningful search results as well as create additional topic groups and “drill down” capabilities.


The CentevaESB includes a business rules engine that validates the data is correct and clean before sharing it with other systems. It consolidates, reconciles, transforms, monitors, corrects, and aggregates the data gathered from all data sources. It also includes performance monitoring tools to track system performance.

CentevaESB can provide data in near real-time, enabling you to make decisions based on the most up-to-date and reliable data possible.


As your organization grows, new systems can easily be “plugged into” the ESB, enabling the organization to receive data from and send data to those systems as necessary. Only minimal coding by a developer is necessary to add a new system into the ESB.


The CentevaESB employs Elastic Search capabilities, which enables robust indexing, natural language search, and targeted search.


The CentevaESB allows your organization to centralize security features such as authorization and authentication. If an application service does not have authentication and authorization, the CentevaESB can require this in the service interface it exposes to potential clients.


The CentevaESB enables your organization to minimize the number of unique databases it is required to maintain. This ultimately reduces the cost of IT infrastructure, as well as the complexity of maintaining it.


The CentevaESB offers a low total cost of ownership compared to commercial off-the-shelf ESBs, because it doesn’t require you to purchase proprietary tools, renew expensive licensing every term, or necessitate staff who are trained in that proprietary software. It also uses self-documenting software, which minimizes the amount of new code you have to write when plugging in new systems. It can be maintained by any developer with general development knowledge.